Resident benefits

Rental housing is flexible and has a number of benefits.

Resident benefits

As an Avain resident, you can benefit from our partners’ product and service offers, such as special-priced household appliances. The benefits are local, please check the benefits available in your location from the sales office or the property manager.

Pohjola Insurance 

All our residents must have comprehensive home insurance, including liability insurance. Pohjola Insurance offers insurance for all kinds of homes, and you can tailor the insurance cover to suit your needs. The regionally appointed experts serve Avain residents personally in insurance matters.
See the benefits offered by Pohjola Insurance >

Sallila Energia

Take advantage of the discounted price for Avain Asunnot residents and choose the electricity product that suits you best. Would you like to buy your electricity at the current market price or have a more stable fixed-term contract? Avain Asunnot requires all its residents to have an electricity contract from the start date of the lease or right-of-occupancy agreement.

  • SE-AVAIN 24 MONTHS: Guarantees a fixed electricity price for two years. You will receive a new offer well before the end of the fixed-term contract. When you move out, the contract is terminated. This product is for you if you value above all a stable electricity price that is independent of fluctuations in market prices.
  • SE-AVAIN SPOT: The price of your electricity is based on the hourly market price and your own consumption, which is read remotely. You can save on electricity by following the market price with the Hourly price mobile app and at The price of energy consists of the hourly market price (+ VAT 24%) and a commission of 0.39 cc/kWh.

Other benefits for Avain residents

  • Avain & Koti  magazine: Our customer magazine is distributed four times a year to homes.
  • Club room: Some houses have club rooms for the residents.
  • Pets: Pets are allowed.
  • Laundry room/Drying room: If the property has a laundry room and/or a drying room, their use is free of charge.
  • Non-smoking new properties: All our new properties are non-smoking throughout the property.
  • Broadband provided by the housing company: The basic speed of the housing company’s broadband is included in the rent.

Discount code for the home workout service

Key a resident at Avain Asunnot, you can now easily work out at home or whenever and wherever you want. All you need is an Internet connection. The service contains skilled, trained instructors and a weekly changing workout programme. You will get new workouts every week, and the instructor perform all the exercises with you. In addition, you have free access to an extensive selection of recorded workouts and courses. If you have questions about the workouts or techniques, the experts will be happy to help you. The service works on a computer, tablet, mobile phone and television.

How to get the benefit: Go to and register as a user by selecting “I have a code”. When registering, use the code avain12  to redeem the benefit of EUR 97/12 month (normal price EUR 149).  Alternatively, you can use the promotional code avain6 to get the service for 6 months for EUR 59 (normal price EUR 89). accepts all the most common sports benefits and vouchers. 

Discount code for the Koti Puhtaaksi home clean up services

As an Avain resident, you can choose to have more free time and order a home cleaning service at a discounted price. Koti Puhtaaksi, a partner of Avain Asunnot, offers our residents a one-time discount of 100 euros for continuous house cleaning, a 50-euro discount on single cleaning and a 50-euro discount on window cleaning. 

How to get the benefit: Go to and read the terms and conditions of the discount. Enter the discount code Avainetu on the form and leave your contact information.

I have lived in an Avain apartment for a long time. Will I get any reward for that?

Yes! When you have lived in an Avain Asunnot apartment for 10, 20 or 30 years, you can choose from a number of special benefits. We have chosen the most popular alteration work as rewards for long-term residents, and you can choose which benefit you want to use for your home. Alternatively, you can choose to be exempted from one month’s rent in which case you will only pay separate compensation based on usage, such as water and/or a parking space.

Because the purpose of this arrangement is to reward long-term housing, only residents who have a disturbance-free living record over the past two years can receive the benefit.

Long-term residents’ benefits:

  • New laminate flooring
  • A kitchen makeover, including doors, countertops and the space between the counter and cupboards
  • New benches, wall panelling and glass door for the sauna
  • A bathroom makeover, including new furniture
  • Space-saving sliding door in the hallway or bedroom
  • Painting of walls, including an effect wall
  • New stove, dishwasher and fridge-freezer (or separate refrigerator and freezer)
  • Terrace boarding in the yard of the detached house
  • Wooden floor decking and a planting cabinet for the balcony
  • Rent-free month

Please note that all of these benefits are not available for all apartments. For example, a sliding door cannot be installed in all closets.

Please contact the property management yourself when you have been a resident for 10 or 20 years. The long-term resident benefit must be used within one year. For example, if your contract started on 1 October 1 2010, you must redeem the 10-year benefit by 1 October 2021.