ESG criteria are a set of standards for a Avain’s behavior

The keys to our sustainability work

As the focal point of Avain Yhtiöt’s strategy, sustainability informs the direction of our development and is integrated into all of our operations. The sustainability work of Avain Yhtiöt is guided by our strategy, the sustainability programme drawn up on the basis of it as well as the four sustainability themes, which we have made our focal points in line with our strategic goals. In the years to come, we will increasingly concentrate on reducing our carbon footprint and improving our energy-efficiency as well as the sustainability of our buildings to curb the effects of climate change. As a responsible property owner, we also adhere to the principles of sustainability in the fields of human rights, working life, the environment and anti-corruption. 

Avain’s four sustainability themes:

Green Finance Framework

Avain Yhtiöt aims to contribute to the sustainable development of society by considering and emphasizing the Sustainable Development Goals of UN (SDGs) in its daily operations. Sustainability work in Avain is linked to a total seven of the UN SDGs of which five can be applied to Green Finance Framework.