Responsible management of finances

Careful planning enables us to make sure that our sites meet the conditions of green financing.

Responsible management of finances

Green financing

Careful planning enables us to make sure that our sites meet the conditions of green financing. Step by step, we increase the amount of green financing and create a framework for green financing, which connects our sustainability goals to financing solutions. 

Tax footprint

Our corporate responsibility also applies to our tax footprint. We take care of people and the effects of our operations on a daily basis. As a responsible taxpayer, fulfilling our tax obligations is an important part of the operations and corporate responsibility of our group. All of our group companies act in a transparent and responsible manner in all tax-related issues. 

Grey economy

  • We review the fulfilment of our partners’ obligations pursuant to the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out prior to signing a contract or letting work commence. We have a zero tolerance policy with regard to ambiguity.  
  • We combat the grey economy and ensure a responsible service and supply chain.  
  • All of the employees working on our sites are required to provide a valid tax number. 
  • All of our suppliers are subject to the Vastuu group service.  

Management of financing risks

  • We develop our operations in accordance with the EU taxonomy.
  • We actively manage interest rate risks. 
  • We ensure sufficient solvency in order to achieve growth in accordance with our strategy.
  • The group’s solvency risk is managed by balancing the maturity of the loan portfolio, extending the funding sources and proportioning the business according to the liquid assets. 


We donate EUR 20,000 to charity annually. Each year, our employees get to choose the charities, and our customers and stakeholders decide how the funds are divided between the different charities.