Employees, residents and sustainable cities

We take responsibility for people, safe construction sites and the construction of sustainable cities.

Employees, residents and sustainable cities

Responsibility for our employees

  • We invest in the well-being of our employees, for example, by providing high-quality, comprehensive occupational health care – and the low number of absences due to sickness is proof of how successful our approach is. 
  • Good team spirit and the support of colleagues and supervisors help with managing at work. 
  • We have a zero tolerance policy with regard to harassment, discrimination and inappropriate behaviour, and we will tackle such incidents immediately. 
  • Actual or suspected conflicts of interest can and should be reported confidentially and anonymously. 
  • We carry out regular work satisfaction surveys to identify mutual development targets.  
  • We ensure the expertise of our employees by means of training and encourage our employees to train and develop on the job. 
  • We encourage our employees to take care of their health by enabling and engaging them to take part in different exercise and sports events and campaigns. 
  • We support the well-being of our employees by providing annual exercise and culture vouchers. 
  • We conduct performance appraisals or target reviews on a semi-annual basis. 
  • We take care of ergonomics and monitor the implementation together with occupational health.  
  • We provide high-quality, modern and healthy workspaces – we look after our employees. 

Responsibility for residents

  • We design diverse and communal residential areas without any form of segregation. 
  • We respect the cultural heritage of the residential area. 
  • Our homes are safe and healthy to live in. 
  • Living in our homes is based on full-cost pricing. In other words, Avain homes are reasonably priced and provide a high quality of life. 
  • Our residents get a say in matters related to their buildings in accordance with the management-by-residents model.  
  • Our right-of-occupancy residents have many opportunities to take part in the decision-making related to their building and contribute to the implementation of community spirit. 
  • We conduct various annual resident surveys on the basis of which we are able to improve resident satisfaction. 
  • We also perform resident satisfaction surveys in connection with moving in and out.   
  • We provide open information regarding our sites and construction projects. 

Responsibility for construction sites

  • We ensure occupational safety in our offices and on our sites.  
  • We regularly monitor occupational accidents. The ideal house construction (TR) measurement index level is 95%, and the ideal falling protection level is 100%. 
  • We monitor the implementation of occupational safety on a weekly basis with independent TR measurements. Our realisation is 10–15 accidents/million work hours. 
  • We systematically monitor near misses. 
  • Our goal is zero accidents.