Cleaning the bathroom

Bathroom, apartment sauna and floor drain

Cleaning the bathroom and apartment sauna

Pay special attention to the cleanliness of wet areas! Get separate cleaning cloths and equipment for the bathroom, and do not use them anywhere else. Detergents intended for toilets and washrooms, a non-scratch sponge, cleaning cloth, soft toilet brush and household gloves make the task easier.

Perform a basic cleaning a few times a year with an alkaline or strongly alkaline substance with a pH value of more than 8. Remove lime and rust with an acidic substance with a pH value of less than 6. For safety reasons, please note that acidic substances should not be used at the same time with substances containing chlorine. Ensure adequate ventilation during cleaning!

Wipe the mirror with a damp cloth soaked in detergent and dry it with a squeegee or paper towel. Also wipe the shelves, cupboard doors, and door handles. Clean the light switches by spraying a little bit of detergent on a dry cloth.

Wash the sink with a cloth or dish brush. Wet the sink and apply disinfectant onto the basin surfaces. Wipe or brush the sink, as well as the tap and the plug. Also wash the root of the tap and the overflow and drain holes. Rinse the sink. Wipe the bidet and area surrounding the basin with a damp cloth.

In particular, clean the walls surrounding the shower and the shower corner from the splash height, to prevent grease and lime deposits from accumulating on the walls. Wash the walls with a brush, a cloth or a sponge, and remember to wash the taps and the shower as well. The shower head should be cleaned more thoroughly with a disinfectant cleaner every now and then.

Disinfect the toilet seat: wipe the lid, seat ring, water tank and pull knob with a cloth soaked in disinfectant cleaner. Have a separate cleaning cloth for the toilet seat that you do not use anywhere else! Spread a detergent containing chlorine in the toilet bowl and brush the inside of the toilet with a toilet brush. Let the chlorine take effect for a while. In addition to the edges, brush the bottom of the toilet thoroughly. Finally, flush the toilet while keeping the brush in the bowl to rinse it as well. Clean the toilet brush bracket, as well.

The washing frequency of the sauna depends on the amount of use. Always wash the sauna cold. Wet the benches with warm water so that the wood opens up and the dirt comes off better. Wash with all-purpose cleaner water or sauna cleaner and a soft brush or scrubber. Always brush in the direction of the wood grain. Rinse with cold water to close the wood pores. Check the condition of the stones in the sauna stove and replace any stones in poor condition. Wash the stove stones annually. Clean the sauna floor and the floor drain. Dry the sauna.

Cleaning the floor drain

Lift off the grill covering the floor drain, for example, with a screwdriver. Remove loose debris and hair. Remove the upper part of the floor drain, clean the removed part and the actual floor drain with, for example, an old dish brush. Drain clean water into the floor drain. You can use dishwashing detergent or disinfectant. Also, wash the grill on both sides. You can also remove and clean the odour lock from the hand washing sink. Place a bucket under the odour lock and unscrew it. Clean and screw it back in place.

Also check the content of the resident folder – there may be more detailed instructions for how to remove the grill and clean the floor drain in your apartment.