When you move out

Instructions for moving out.

Instructions for moving out

What are the steps for moving out?

  1. Terminate your lease.
  2. The move-out date is specified in the contract or notice of termination. You must hand over the entire apartment to Avain on that date. Return the keys as agreed.
  3. Submit a move-out notification to the maintenance company. You can leave it in the mailbox of the maintenance company in the property’s stairwell.
  4. Remember to make the statutory notification of move at muuttoilmoitus.fi. If you want to use a paper notification form, you can get one from either Posti or a Digital and Population Data Services Agency service point.
  5. Please remember that Avain has the right to arrange apartment viewings in your apartment during the notice period.

The apartment will be inspected before you move out. The inspector will assess the condition of the apartment, and the inspection is primarily carried out within five working days of receiving the notice. At the same time, you will be informed about any repairs that you are responsible for. The inspection is carried out by Avain’s home inspector. When moving out, please clean the apartment according to the instructions provided to you.

How do I terminate a lease that is valid until further notice?

You must always make the notice of termination in writing and sign it. You can find the termination notice on our website and at the sales or property management offices. Submit the notice of termination by the end of the previous calendar month before your planned move. Return the notice by e-mail to asiakaspalvelu@avainyhtiot.fi or by post to the Avain sales office. We will send you a confirmation of receipt, along with the moving out instructions.

How do I terminate a fixed-term lease?

You do not need to terminate a fixed-term contract. It will we terminated automatically at the time specified in the contract.

What should the notice of termination include?

The notification must specify which apartment and which tenants it applies to. It must also include the date of expiry and moving-out date. If you have made the lease agreement with your spouse, remember to ask for their consent for the notification.

How long is the notice period?

If you terminate a contract which is valid until further notice yourself, the notice period shall always be one (1) month, calculated from the last day of the calendar month during which the notice is given. The notice period is counted from the moment the notice of termination is delivered in writing to Avain.

If Avain terminates the rental agreement, the notice period is three (3) months, unless you have lived in an Avain apartment continuously for more than one year before the termination. In that case, your notice period is six (6) months.

Example: If you terminate your contract on 15 August, the notice period is calculated from the last day of August. Your obligation to pay the rent will end at the end of September.

I want to move to another Avain rental apartment. What should I do?

Fill out the rental apartment application – you can find it either on the Avain website or at the sales offices. When you receive a new rental apartment, please remember to terminate your existing agreement. Please also submit a move-out notification for the old apartment and a move-in notification for the new rental apartment.

When can the owner cancel my lease?

Cancelling by the owner is always related to the neglect of the resident’s duties, such as rent arrears or a lifestyle that significantly disturbs other residents. This is a rare and last-resort scenario. Usually, you will first receive a written warning, after which you will still be able to rectify the situation. In the case of a particularly reprehensible breach of contract, Avain may also terminate the contract without notice. The notice of cancellation is always be made in writing and in a verifiable manner.