Green financing enables the construction of more than 600 new apartments

Avain Yhtiöt signed the tenth green loan agreement in September 2022. In green loan agreements, financing costs are linked to environmental values, i.e. the energy efficiency of buildings has an impact on loan margins. The green financing agreements enable the construction of more than 600 new environmentally friendly A-energy class apartments for new residents in Finland’s growth centres. In the coming years, we will increasingly invest in reducing our carbon footprint, improving energy efficiency and making buildings more resistant to the effects of climate change. Our long-term goal is to be carbon neutral by 2035 in terms of carbon dioxide emissions related to the energy use of properties.

Avain Yhtiöt is a Finnish real estate investment company that specialises in the production, development and construction of apartments and housing services. Our goal is to build and maintain a functional, safe and environmentally friendly living environment, as well as to develop the overall quality of housing and construction. Avain Yhtiöt owns more than 10,000 rental and right-of-occupancy apartments, and over 1,000 apartments are under construction. Avain Yhtiöt’s goal is to build 1,000 new homes each year in Finland’s major growth centres. The annual investments of the Group exceeds EUR 120 million.

Safe residential areas: New construction in Tuusula Hyrylä