Avain Asunnot tarjoaa laadukkaita vuokra-asuntoja Espoon Suurpellosta. Kohde on valmistunut vuonna 2024.

Suurpelto – a growing Garden City

Suurpelto epitomizes an extraordinary green urban enclave nestled amidst Espoo, seamlessly connected to Helsinki, neighboring districts, and the airport. Presently, over 6,300 inhabitants call Suurpelto home, with projections indicating a population surge to at least 15,000 by 2050. Crafted with meticulous architectural coherence and sustainable ethos, Suurpelto is slated to encompass 1,000,000 square meters of floor area by 2050.

With Helsinki Central Railway Station a mere 40-minute public transit ride away, Suurpelto enjoys unparalleled accessibility. Matinkylä, an urban nucleus in Espoo, lies just a brief 10-minute bus ride away, while Leppävaara, another bustling center, is reachable in a mere 11 minutes. The trunk bus route 520, connecting Matinkylä to Leppävaara via Suurpelto, ensures seamless mobility, with plans for a forthcoming light rail line further enhancing accessibility. Helsinki-Vantaa airport is conveniently located just a 22-minute drive away.

Suurpelto already boasts a rich tapestry of commercial, cultural, and recreational amenities, with ambitious expansion plans underway. A vibrant center for commerce and communal activities is taking shape around Lukutori Square, serving as the beating heart of Suurpelto’s burgeoning community. The modern shopping center, inaugurated in 2017, offers ample parking and is slated for further expansion to cater to growing needs.

A diverse array of recreational offerings caters to residents of all ages, complemented by the nearby Espoo Central Park, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The Opinmäki campus stands as a beacon of innovative public infrastructure, evolving into a dynamic community hub with versatile facilities available for rental beyond traditional hours. Espoo International School, alongside other educational institutions and public amenities, enriches the vibrant fabric of Suurpelto’s community life.

Suurpelto’s ongoing evolution underscores a commitment to proximity to nature, an active lifestyle, and ecological stewardship. Enhanced public transit infrastructure ensures seamless connectivity across Espoo, while the evolution of commercial services mirrors local aspirations and values. Suurpelto isn’t merely a burgeoning urban landscape but a testament to thoughtful urban planning and community engagement, poised for an even more dynamic future.

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