Green Finance Framework

Avain Yhtiöt is a Finnish real estate investment company that specialises in the production, development and construction of apartments and housing services. Our construction value chain is unique – we own the entire value chain from land acquisition, housing design to construction and maintenance.

The key idea behind Avain Yhtiöt business is to promote socially cohesive and ecologically sustainably designed residential environments.. Residential areas are planned to function as cohesive entities environmentally as well, allowing for the design of building systems to meet the needs of the entire area rather than individual houses. We build homes for our residents that will endure for generations. New buildings are constructed and commissioned in a climate-friendly manner in Finland’s growth centers.

In the coming years, we will increasingly focus on reducing our carbon footprint, improving energy efficiency, and enhancing the resilience of buildings to the impacts of climate change. Our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality in terms of carbon dioxide emissions related to the energy use of properties by 2035. The Green Finance Framework links Avain’s sustainability goals to the company’s financing. According to the framework, we can seek green financing, enabling us to build new energy-efficient buildings for our residents, make energy-efficient renovation investments, and undertake projects related to, for example, the utilization of renewable energy or clean transportation.