Invoicing information

Group invoicing information and e-invoicing instructions.


We receive purchase invoices as e-invoices.

The operator ID required for e-invoicing  is BAWCFI22 (Basware Plc) and the invoice recipient’s OVT code and the invoicing address can be found in the appendix behind the link below.

In addition to the statutory invoice information, the invoice must include the following:

  • the client’s name
  • the place of cost indicated by the client or the name and address of the property
  • the client’s project number or other identifier
  • payment term specified in the contract or order (21 days, unless otherwise agreed).

Please send any inquiries related to invoices by e-mail to or by phone +358 20 7624 779*.

*Calling our company number +358 20 7624 779 costs 8.35 cents per call + 16.69 cents per minute.

E-invoicing service

If you are unable to send an e-invoice, we offer you a free service for sending a paper invoice in electronic form. You can enter an invoice produced by your own billing system into the service, or alternatively save and print the invoice directly from the software. You can also save attachments on the invoice, the most recommended format is PDF.

Implement the service by registering, and you will receive an e-invoicing address for your company:

More information is available in the instructions of the e-invoicing service provider (Basware) or in the instructive video below.

Video instructions on how to use the e-invoicing service



Other instructions

In the e-invoicing service, if you want to give more detailed information about the invoice, enter it in the comment and/or Buyer reference field. The invoice for the property must mention the property number.

Read the detailed instructions on how to fill in the invoice fields for Avain Yhtiöt from the link below.