Kotiavain tenant website

Welcome to the Avain tenant website! The Avain Asunto Kotiavain tenant application will be available in all Avain Apartments during spring 2023. The renewed Kotiavain resident application is the Avain Asunto residents’ site-specific tenant pages, where you can get acquainted with the current bulletins and documents of the property and which also serves as an electronic notice board for residents. In the home key you will find the current affairs of The Key Apartments and the property manager’s announcements, as well as the important contact information of your own property. Avain Asunnot currently uses the old Key Tenant website (extranet) in some of the properties. In newer locations, the new Kotiavain resident application (One4All) has already been piloted.

The new Kotiavain resident app is available via a web browser or mobile app. How nice, you can check out the bulletins of your house from the comfort of your own home! However, it is not mandatory to register for the new Home Key, important resident announcements are still distributed to all residents also by mail to the home. When you register as a user of the Kotivain app, you will receive information on current issues conveniently in your mobile application.