During housing

Instructions during housing can be found here.

Property management and maintenance

What is the property manager responsible for?

The property manager manages the current affairs of the house and takes care of the conditions of living in the house. They ensure that the property is in good condition and that the maintenance and repair costs are kept in check. The property manager takes care of the flow of information, so that you know what is happening in your home. The property manager is also responsible for the implementation of the repair programme and the budget.
You can contact property management in matters related to residents’ activities or disturbances, for example. The easiest way to contact the property manager is to fill out the electronic service request form.
You can always find the contact information of the property management office on the notice board of your house, in the Kotiavain resident’s app and here.

When should I contact the maintenance company?

The maintenance company is responsible for ensuring that any faults in the property and the apartment are quickly repaired and the property’s equipment is maintained. Property maintenance will help you, for example, if you have forgotten your keys, you have a problem with an appliance that is part of the apartment, if a tap leaks or the balcony door or a window does not close. Property maintenance also takes care of the common areas and yards, as well as snow removal, sanding, lawn mowing and weeding. An easy way to report faults to the maintenance company is to fill in the electronic fault report form.
When you move in or out, submit a move notification to the property maintenance company.

When and how should I report faults?

You must always report any deficiencies or defects in the apartment or common areas.
As such, please observe the function and condition of taps, toilet flushing equipment, heating, ventilation and electrical appliances – even in common areas. If you notice any defects or deficiencies, report them directly to the maintenance company by filling in the electronic fault report. A link to submit a fault report can also be found in the Kotiavain resident app. You can also contact the maintenance company by phone, the contact information can be found on the notice board and Avain’s website.
If you notice a defect that needs to be repaired urgently (for example, water damage, electrical failure or opening of a door) in the evening or at the weekend, you are obliged to contact the maintenance company’s on-call service immediately.

What is the Kotiavain resident app?

Residents have access to the Kotiavain resident app (mobile/browser and, in some properties, a digital notice board). Log into the Kotiavain resident app with a browser here. You will receive an invitation to register in the app automatically after your agreement has entered into force via the email you provided to Avain. You can download the One4all-Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play. If you need help using the service, please contact support@one4all.fi.