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Read our moving in instructions.

Moving in

How do I get the keys?

You will receive the keys from the maintenance company on the start date of your lease. The lease agreement must be signed and the security deposit paid before you retrieve the keys. Please bring your ID and a receipt for having paid the deposit with you.

What notifications should I make when I move?

There are three notifications.

  1. Please submit the moving in notification of a new resident to the maintenance company no later than one week after the change, so that you are entered in the house register. This is also a prerequisite for opening the apartment door for you in case you forget the keys at home. You will receive a move-in notification when the contract is signed.
  2. Remember to make the statutory notification of move at muuttoilmoitus.fi. The information is updated both for Posti and the Population Information System. If you want to use a paper form, you can pick up the notification format the service point of either Posti or the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.
  3. Complete the electronic apartment inspection form for new residents at avainasunnot.fi/en/for-residents/submit-a-fault-notification/, select Apartment Inspection Form from the service request topic menu. Use the form to report any defects/deficiencies/need for cleaning in the apartment or indicate that everything is in order. Take photos of the problems and attach them to the form. Use the Submit button to send the form to the home inspector to inform them or to request action.

Remember to update your address also for your bank, insurance company, credit card company, library, companies whose services you use regularly, associations and clubs, and friends and relatives.

Which contracts do I need?

  1. You must have comprehensive insurance that covers the entire apartment, including liability insurance and occupancy interruption insurance, and is valid throughout your lease.
  2. Your electricity contract must be valid from the day you move in until the date your lease expires.

How do I implement the housing company’s broadband?

Almost all Avain apartments have an Internet connection included in the residence charge. The operators vary by region. You can implement the broadband connection by following the operating instructions your received with the contract. Check with the operator which devices you need to connect. If you need to buy new devices (for example, a modem), you pay for them yourself. Check out your housing company’s operator’s instructions and the low-cost additional speeds offered: dna.fi/avain, elisa.fi/avain or telia.fi/avain.

How can I get a parking space for my car?

Please contact the maintenance company to enquire about parking. The number of parking spaces varies by property. If your house does not have enough parking spaces for everyone, there is a waiting list. A rental agreement is made for the parking space, and you receive the key for the possible heat socket or parking garage at the same time.
If there are parking spaces available, you can even get two spaces. However, please note that you may need to give up your second parking space if a resident moves into the house and wants to rent their first parking space.

How do I book a sauna or laundry room?

Ask the maintenance company for available sauna times.
You can book a laundry room or a drying room using the list in the room or the booking board. Some of our houses have an electronic reservation system, and the instructions for using it can be found in the resident folder.