Recommend right-of-occupancy housing – get benefits

Recommend right-of-occupancy housing – get benefits

When you recommend right-of-occupancy housing to another person and, as a result of your recommendation, Avain Asunnot receives a new resident, you and the new resident will both receive benefits.

Rules of the right-of-occupancy referral benefits

  1. When you recommend Avain right-of-occupancy housing as a great form of housing, you can choose a monetary benefit for your own apartment when a new resident who has received the recommendation becomes an Avain resident. You will receive the benefit when the person moves into the new apartment.
  2. The referral benefit applies only to right-of-occupancy apartments.
  3. You must give your consent to giving your name and contact information to Avain before the new residents signs their lease agreement so that we can record the benefit for you.
  4. You can recommend right-of-occupancy housing at Avain to as many people as you want, and you will get the benefit for each new Avain resident. 
  5. The referral benefit does not apply to internal exchanges within Avain Asumisoikeus Oy, in other words, to residents who move between Avain homes.

In order to receive the benefit, the new resident must inform Avain that they have received the recommendation before signing the agreement. The benefit must be used within one year of signing the right-of-occupancy contract

Right-of-occupancy referral benefits

You can choose one of these benefits (per recommendation):

  • Two weeks without maintenance charge
  • New countertop or space between the cupboards and the countertop in the kitchen
  • Stove or  fridge (standard models)
  • Floor decking on the balcony
  • Blinds
  • Replacement of partition doors and door casings.

If you wish, you can save the benefit and use it later when you get another resident for Avain. In this case, you get a slightly bigger benefit for the two new contracts. The benefit must be used within one year of signing the contract.

Alternative benefits for two new contracts:

  • Kitchen renewal: kitchen furniture doors, space between the countertop and cupboards, and the countertop
  • Laminate flooring for the entire apartment
  • Painting the walls 
  • One month without maintenance charge.

Benefit for the new resident

  • The new resident will receive a one-week compensation for the maintenance charge when they give the contact details of the referrer before signing the contract.