How to renovating your home

Renovate the apartment to your liking during your residency.

Home renovation and maintenance

A home feels like a home when it looks like you and you enjoy living in it. Although we take good care of the apartments, you can also renovate the apartment to your liking.


If you carry out renovations and alterations during your residence, you must always follow our separate alteration work instructions. In most cases, the resident pays for the renovation, but you can receive compensation for some of the alterations if you move out of the apartment before the end of the compensation period. In this case, the refundable share of the alteration costs is added to your right-of-occupancy payment. You can renovate the apartment yourself or order the work from a professional. Please note that some specialised work must always be carried out by a professional. However, always check with your property manager to see which alterations require a permit and which you are permitted to do without a notification.

When you are planning a renovation, follow these steps:

  1. Read the alteration instructions and review the alteration table
  2. If the alteration you want to make is subject to a permit, apply for a permit from the property manager
  3. When you have the permit, perform the renovation or order it from a professional
  4. Remember to ask your property manager to inspect the alteration
  • Bear in mind that when you renovate, you agree to follow the work instructions of the material suppliers and Avain Asumisoikeus
  • If the apartment is damaged in the course of the renovation because you have not followed the instructions, you are liable for the damage
  • The result of your renovation will remain in the apartment when you move out, unless otherwise agreed in connection with the permit. For some alterations, the condition may be that the resident has to restore the apartment to the state before the renovation before moving out. 

Renovation instructions

We have compiled various instructions for renovations. The instructions can be found in the pdf file below.

Apartment maintenance

It is nice to live in a clean and functional home. Professional property management and maintenance that listen to the residents ensure that apartments and properties are regularly maintained and in good condition. In order to keep the apartments in good condition also in the future, residents must do their part in taking care of their home. The detailed division of responsibilities and tasks between the residents and the owner can be found in the attached division of responsibilities table.