Washing the windows and floors

Windows and laminate and plastic floors

Cleaning the windows

You need a vacuum cleaner, bucket, window washer or cleaning cloth, a rubber squeegee and a chamois or window cloth. A window washer with a long arm makes it easier to wash tall windows. You can use a dishwashing detergent, all-purpose cleaner or window cleaner as the detergent. Apply the detergent moderately to avoid foaming. Replace the water often enough.
Vacuum the blinds, window panes, frame and window sill. Wipe the blinds with a dry or damp cloth and the other parts with a damp cloth. Wash the cleanest part first, dry if necessary.

Wash the window pane with a window washer or a cloth. You can use quite a lot of water. Start from the outer glass. Wash the dirtiest surface first to see the result better.

Dry the window using a rubber squeegee. Move the squeegee in long, steady and parallel lines. You should dry the squeegee with a cloth after each pull. Do not press the squeegee against the window too hard.

Finish the edges and corners of the windows with a chamois or a cloth. Wipe the window sill, too.

Washing laminate and plastic floors

Wipe the tables and other surfaces before floors to prevent dirt from falling onto the clean floor. Next, vacuum the carpets, floors and floor mouldings. After vacuuming, roll up the carpets and take them to the yard for some fresh air while you clean.

There are detergents specifically designed for laminate, but all-purpose cleaner is also suitable for washing. However, soap-based detergents may leave a grey film on the laminate surface. Wash the plastic floor with a mild all-purpose cleaner. However, avoid using too much water, as water will cause moisture damage if it enters the slots in the laminate and under the baseboards.

Wash the floors with a damp or just a slightly wet mop or cloth. Squeeze the mop dry first. Do not allow water to enter the seams of the floor, otherwise the floor might swell or the material might become damaged.

Also wipe the mouldings with a damp cloth. Dry the floor immediately after washing.

Make your life easier by removing any stains from the floor right away with water or all-purpose cleaner. If you do not remove them right away, they will be more difficult to remove later. However, do not rub the floors with a coarse material.