Prices invoiced from residents

Prices invoiced from residents

It is the resident’s responsibility to take care of the apartment during the period of residence. When you move out, you should leave the apartment neat and undamaged for the next resident.

If there are any remarks regarding the condition of the apartment and Avain Asunnot has to clean or repair the apartment on your behalf, we will charge for them according to this price list. Normal wear and tear will not be charged. Invoicing is based on the currently effective price list for residents.  We reserve the right to make changes.


If the original key is lost, the locks of the apartment must be serialised or programmed again. Avain Asunnot orders the serialisation or reprogramming, and it is carried out by our locksmith partner.

  • Lock serialisation, mechanical lock (apartment door, 1 lock housing), incl. keys EUR 310
    • additional lock housing (for example, balcony door, outdoor storage door) EUR 115/housing
  • Lock serialisation and programming work, implementation, electronic locking
    • separate invoice in accordance with the actual cost                                                                                   
  • Exec/Sento key EUR 35
  • Protec2 CLIQ key EUR 35
  • Pulse key EUR 40
  • IlOQ S10 key EUR 28
  • IlOQ S5 key EUR 35
  • Waste collection point key (tubular collection system) EUR 30
  • Car heating post key EUR 20
  • Delivering the key to the resident EUR 25
  • Quick series (in addition to the normal serialisation fee) EUR 80
  • Leaving the keys in the apartment/in the wrong place or returning them late EUR 80
  • Garage keys/key cards, access tags
    • separate invoice in accordance with the actual cost or the price list specified by the parking company


  • Cleaning an empty apartment
    • One-room apartment EUR 290
    • Two-room apartment EUR 310
    • Three-room apartment EUR 330
    • Four or five-room apartment EUR 350
  • Cleaning the windows
    • One-room apartment EUR 60
    • Two-room apartment EUR 75
    • Three-room apartment EUR 90
    • Four or five-room apartment EUR 105
  • Cleaning the apartment floors EUR 80
  • Cleaning and sanitising the kitchen EUR 150
  • Cleaning the stove EUR 50
  • Cleaning the refrigerator EUR 50
  • Defrosting the freezer defrosting EUR 80
  • Cleaning the grease filter of the cooker hood EUR 40
  • Cleaning the waste cupboard and bins EUR 50
  • Cleaning the exhaust air valves, the whole apartment EUR 50
  • Cleaning the fresh air, supply air and slit air valves, the whole apartment EUR 50
  • Cleaning the bathroom and toilet  EUR 100
  • Cleaning the apartment sauna EUR 50
  • Cleaning the floor drains (the whole apartment) EUR 60
  • Cleaning the outdoor storage EUR 30
  • Cleaning the balcony EUR 30
  • Cleaning balcony glass panels EUR 60
  • Cutting the lawn and bushes in the yard EUR 60

If necessary, the costs of cleaning can be invoiced on the basis of actual costs. The removal and disposal of goods left in the apartment, the yard, warehouse or waste facility will be invoiced on the basis of actual costs (incl. transport and waste treatment fees).


  • Replacing or repairing a partition door EUR 130
  • Replacing a partition door with frames  EUR 200
  • Reinstalling the dishwasher cabinet if the parts of the cabinet are stored in the apartment EUR 80
  • Plugging of dishwasher or washing machine connections EUR 10/machine
  • Odour removal (ozonation) according to the actual costs.
  • The renovation of an apartment after smoking indoors (including tar removal, replacement of fixtures, replacement of wooden panelling, replacement of sauna benches and painting work) will be charged according to the actual costs.

Repair costs exceeding normal wear and tear will be charged according to the actual costs.  


  • Painting one wall of a room EUR 110
  • Painting all the walls of a room EUR 270
  • Painting the roof of a room EUR 170
  • Painting a door frame EUR 60
  • Painting an apartment after smoking indoors according to the actual costs.


  • If the apartment is not in an acceptable condition at the time of the final inspection for a reason attributable to the resident, a one-time fee of EUR 150 will be charged for the re-inspection.


  • If the electricity of the apartment has been cut off before the rental or right-of-occupancy contract has expired, a fee of EUR 10 will be charged for each new week or, in apartments with electrical heating, EUR 40 for each new week.

If the apartment is damaged due to the interruption in electricity supply, the repair costs are charged from the resident in full. Cutting off the electricity too early can cause the pipes to freeze or cause moisture damage (due to switched off ventilation) in the apartment.