Code of Conduct

A sustainable and ethical Code of Conduct is the cornerstone of our business.

Code of Conduct

“Our Code of Conduct determines the way we work.”

The key to Avain’s ethical guidelines is to provide our employees with a common set of rules on what is allowed at Avain Yhtiöt and what is not, i.e. our mutual way of working.

Our goal is diligent operations based on an ethical and sustainable mode of operation in terms of finance, people, society and the environment. Our Code of Conduct together with our management culture forms the framework of the mode of operation of Avain Yhtiöt and strengthens our commitment to sustainable business. 

We take seriously our responsibility for doing our part to provide rental and leasehold apartments for people who need them. We renew for the benefit of our customers. 

When we encounter challenges in our daily work, we should keep in mind that abiding by the laws as well as sustainable and ethical methods is the cornerstone of our operations and success.

We abide by laws and regulations

  • Avain Yhtiöt stands for uncompromising integrity and ethicality, and we do not take part in deceitful activities. 
  • Our operations are subject to many laws and regulations, and complying with them is the minimum requirement. 
  • We also strictly comply with the standards and official guidelines pertaining to our housing stock subsidised by the government. 
  • Compliance with regulations also applies to transfer pricing in accordance with the market price principle. 
  • Each employee is required to operate within the framework of the laws and regulations pertaining to their tasks. We understand that failing to comply with laws and regulations may have severe consequences for our employees as well as our company. 

We report truthfully and transparently

  • We report to the authorities and our stakeholders on our operations, financial situation and the implementation of sustainability pursuant to established laws and regulations. 
  • With regard to financial reporting, all of our units follow unified accounting and reporting principles and comply with national accounting legislation. 
  • We provide the tax authorities with up-to-date and correct information, which is required for the correct specification of taxation.  

We avoid conflicts of interest

  • All business decisions should be made in the interests of Avain Yhtiöt Group. Our employees may never use their position or authority in the interests of anyone other than Avain Yhtiöt Group. Decisions may not be made on the basis of personal relationships or coercion. 
  • All of our employees must identify situations giving rise to a potential conflict of interest and steer clear of them. We provide our employees with guidance and instructions on how to identify conflicts of interest. 
  • Any actual or suspected conflict of interest must be instantly reported to a supervisor or a member of the management team. All reports are handled in confidence.  

We compete honestly 

We compete in an honest and ethical way in compliance with competition legislation. We believe in transparent and honest competition and we do not seek a competitive edge by illegal means. 

We do not enter into restrictive trade agreements or engage in restrictive practices. We do not discuss confidential matters or exchange confidential information with our competitors. 

Any connections or agreements made with our competitors or participation in the activities of any industry organisations must always be in compliance with the provisions of competition law. 

Bribery and corruption are unequivocally forbidden 

Bribery and corruption in any form is strictly forbidden. We never offer or pay bribes. Neither do we ever ask for or accept them.  

In our business, we do not accept, ask for or offer gifts that exceed the limits of reasonable hospitality. Reasonable hospitality is allowed. 

Everything we do must be in accordance with laws, good practices and our Code of Conduct. During competitive bidding, we have to avoid any activities, which may influence the client’s decision-making. 

Fraud prevention  

We do not condone fraudulent behaviour or activities, such as embezzlement, fraud or theft. 

We communicate with our stakeholders openly 

Our residents are the most important stakeholders of Avain Yhtiöt. We provide our residents with a safe and healthy home as well as a customer experience of an unparallel price-quality ratio. 

We communicate to our residents openly and honestly. We comply with the relevant laws on management by residents and communications. 

We provide our stakeholders with all of the required information completely and in a timely fashion pursuant to established laws and regulations. 

We want to be a reliable long-term lessor or owner for our residents. 

We follow good lease practice and operate in accordance with good commercial practice as well as the regulations pertaining to marketing and advertising.  

Honest cooperation with stakeholders 

Our key stakeholders include residents, our employees, owners and financiers, partners, suppliers and service providers as well as public entities. 

Our relationship with our stakeholders is based on transparency and trust. We select our partners carefully. 

The cooperation is based on our Code of Conduct.  

When it comes to construction and renovation, we require a professional and good building practice. 

In addition to the laws and regulations, we expect our partners to follow good commercial practice.  

We protect the company’s property 

We take good care of the property of Avain Yhtiöt. 

Each employee must take appropriate measures to protect our property from damage, unauthorised use and loss. 

Unauthorised use of the company’s property for an external purpose is not allowed. 

Information is a valuable asset for our company. We protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information we possess. 

The work contribution or proficiency of an employee of Avain Yhtiöt may not be used in a way that is disadvantageous to Avain Yhtiöt. 

We also confidentially process information entrusted to us by our customers, subcontractors, suppliers or other partners. 


We store the confidential information of Avain Yhtiöt and its partners in confidence. Each employee agrees to keep confidential all confidential information they have learned in the course of their duties. Confidential information is only used for legal business purposes.  

We respect privacy 

We respect the privacy of our current, former and future customers, employees and partners. 

We process personal data confidentially and in accordance with data protection laws and regulations as well as Avain Yhtiöt’s privacy and data security guidelines

Complying with the Code of Conduct 

Each employee of Avain Yhtiöt has been provided with this Code of Conduct, which is also available on the Avain Yhtiöt website. In addition, our employees have access to regular training on the subject and the onboarding for new employees includes an introduction to this Code of Conduct. 

Acting in breach of legislation, the Code of Conduct or the company’s other regulations may lead to disciplinary action. The potential consequences vary from a caution to dismissal. 

All employees of Avain Yhtiöt Group have an obligation to comply with this Code of Conduct. 

We strive to maintain a culture of transparency and a high level of ethicality in our company and its operations. We value honesty and respect for all of our stakeholders. 

You play an important role in our success. You can notify your supervisor, a member of the management team or the industrial safety delegate of a suspected misconduct or breach of our company’s Code of Conduct or policy. A person who reports a breach in good faith will not face any sanctions. 


All suspected breaches of the ethical principles, internal rules, laws or regulations will be investigated. Based on the results of the investigation, we will take appropriate corrective or disciplinary measures, such as issuing a caution or, in serious cases, dismissing the employee. All suspected criminal activities are reported to the relevant authorities.