Principles of sustainability

We are socially, ecologically and financially responsible.

Principles of sustainability

Avain Yhtiöt is one of the fastest growing housing investment companies in Finland. We produce long-term value for our company, residents, partners, municipalities, cities, the environment and society by maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, ensuring the efficiency of our operations as well as building and maintaining properties cost-effectively in our operating regions. 

For Avain Yhtiöt, sustainability means practical action. We are committed to sustainability and publish an annual sustainability report. We take care of our employees and residents as well as the environment. We communicate transparently about our successes and development targets. 

Our sustainable philosophy goes beyond individual homes and their residents. When designing, building and maintaining sustainable, viable homes and residential areas, we also tackle social challenges, such as housing shortages, urbanisation, climate change, the prevention of segregation and reinforcing the sense of community between different generations in our residential quarters. 

Our sustainability work is informed by Avain Yhtiöt’s strategy and sustainability programme as well as the essential themes of our strategic work. The sustainability emphases were selected in accordance with the goals set in our 2021–2026 strategy. 

Four sustainability themes

We implement our sustainability goals on the basis of four themes:

  • Sustainability theme 1: Responsibility for green economy
  • Sustainability theme 2: Responsibility for mitigating climate change
  • Sustainability theme 3: Responsibility for our employees, residents and sustainable cities
  • Sustainability theme 4: Responsibility for communications and reporting

During the strategic period, we will increasingly integrate our goals into our strategy and daily work, continue to implement our climate responsibility and invest in residential healthiness and communality. Residents are an important part of our ecological responsibility, and our long-term goal is to become carbon neutral by 2035 in terms of the CO2 emissions of the energy use of properties. 

“Our goal is to become carbon neutral by 2035 in terms of the CO2 emissions of the energy use of properties.”