Residence charge and charge for utilities

Residence charge and charge for utilities

What are residence charges I, II and III?

Residence charges cover all expenses required for the financing and maintenance of Avain right-of-occupancy apartments and related premises, in accordance with reasonable household maintenance. The residence charge is adjusted as necessary, usually at the beginning of the calendar year. We will notify you of the adjustment no later than two months before the new residence charge enters into force. You can find the budget and residence charge calculation of your building in the Kotiavain resident app. More information is available from the property manager and at residents’ meetings.

Residence charge I refers to expenses that you can influence through your living. For example, building maintenance, maintenance of outdoor areas, cleaning and sanitation, heating, electricity, water and waste water, waste management, repairs of the property and apartments, and residential activities are covered by residence charge I.

Residence charge II includes the costs that are offset between all right-of-occupancy buildings. These include, for example, property management, sale and marketing of right of occupancy, land leases, real estate tax, non-life insurance, property and apartment repairs to be compensated for, national resident activities and administration, communication and information activities, and other company management and investments.

Residence charge III, on the other hand, covers provisions for future expenses. Up to EUR 1/m²/month may be charged in advance for the renovation and maintenance costs of the real estate, buildings and apartments, if no more than 20 years have passed since the loan granted to finance the building or apartment was approved as a subsidised loan. Otherwise, the maximum amount is EUR 2/m²/month. In addition to this, the charge can include provisions for the redemption of right-of-occupancy payments and bullet loan payments.

What is the charge for utilities?

Charges for utilities are payments related to the use of the apartment, which can be based on, for example, consumption or the number of residents. The parking space fee, water fee (determined by water consumption or number of persons) and regular sauna fee are typical charges for utilities.