General rules and guidelines

House rules and taking care of your apartment

Can I transfer the right to use the apartment to another person?

Yes, for a maximum of two years. However, the reason must be weighty, for example, working or studying in another location. The owner must be notified of the transfer and its duration in writing. Please note that handing over the apartment to another person does not release you from any of the obligations specified in the right-of-occupancy agreement. Handing over the apartment for short term accommodation for earning purposes (for example, on Airbnb), is not allowed.

What are the Avain Resident site and the Avain Resident app?

Some of our residents have access to the Avain Resident extranet site and some to the Avain Resident application.

You can access the Avain Resident site at by clicking the Avain Resident site link in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Use your apartment-specific credentials to log in. If your credentials are lost, you can request new ones from Please give your name and exact address in the request.

Log into the Avain Resident app with a browser at You can download the PNT®mobile 2 mobile app from the App Store or GooglePlay Store.

You will receive an invitation to register in the service directly from the service provider One4All after the agreement has entered into force, to the email address you have provided to Avain. If you need help using the service, please contact

Can I leave the apartment empty?

Yes, but it you must let the owner know and leave the safety lock open. You must also have an effective electricity contract for the apartment and home insurance, even if no one lives in the apartment.

Where can I find the house rules?

The house rules can be found on the resident website and app, as well as on the bulletin board of your own house. Keep in mind that your guests also need to follow the house rules.

How do I report a disturbance?

The notice of disturbance must always be given in writing to the property manager. You can report a disturbance electronically by filling out the fault report form. However, please remember that normal sounds of life are something we must all learn to live with. It is polite to inform your neighbours in advance of, for example, a party that may cause a disturbance by posting a note on the notice board. Please follow the house rules during the party, as well.

How do I take care of my apartment?

The contract specifies a duty of care, which means that the premises must be used and maintained with care and in accordance with the instructions given – whether it be ventilation, underfloor heating, or the use of machinery or appliances and the cleaning of surfaces with suitable materials and equipment.

It is also your responsibility to regularly maintain, for example, your apartment’s floor drains, supply and exhaust valve filters and cooker hood grease filters. In addition, you should clean the stove and oven with suitable substances and methods, defrost the freezer at least once a year, and vacuum the back walls of the refrigeration equipment regularly.

Please remember that the apartment is the property of Avain and you are liable for any damage that you or your guests may cause to the apartment, common areas or equipment, whether intentionally, through negligence or otherwise.

See further instructions in the How to take care of your home section of this website.

How do I sort my waste?

Pack your household waste and take it to a waste container or waste collection tube of the waste fraction in question. Follow the waste sorting instructions. They may vary slightly by area and waste treatment provider. Check which waste types are recycled in your house at the waste collection point. Deliver the waste that is not collected on the property to the local waste collection points.

How can I influence the affairs of my own house?

You can influence, for example, the living comfort, financial matters and maintenance by participating in resident activities. The residents’ committee or property manager organises a resident meeting at least once a year. You should always attend the meeting. Anyone over the age of 18 who lives in the house can propose themselves as candidate to manage the common affairs. Resident activities are voluntary and collaborative.

The resident meeting is a great place to get to know your neighbours and discuss common affairs. At the meeting, you can set up your own residents’ committee or choose new members for the existing residents’ committee. In addition, you can choose a resident supervisor to supervise the finances and administration, a security officer and your own resident candidate for the house owner’s board.

The residents’ committee acts as a messenger between the residents and the property manager. It expresses wishes for the budget and evaluates the property’s repair needs in the spring. In the autumn, the committee issues an opinion on the long-term plan, the budget and the calculation of the residence charge.

One of the most important tasks of the committee is to organise events for the house or joint events with nearby houses. When there is an active residents’ committee in the house, it is easier for new members to join. For example, a garden work party is an excellent opportunity to get to know your neighbours better and strengthen the community spirit while taking care of the spring or autumn chores in the yard.

In addition to the residents’ meeting, you can also participate in evening seminars and the national residents’ government development seminar. The seminars deal with, for example, the reform of the Right-of-Occupancy Housing Act, the safety of the house or, for example, the maintenance and development of the neighbourhood.

You can read more about resident activities and seminars in, for example, the Avain newsletter, the Avain ja Koti magazine, the Avain Resident website and the Avain Resident application.