Why choose right-of-occupancy housing?

Right-of-occupancy housing combines the best aspects of owner-occupied and rented housing.

Right-of-occupancy is a smart choice

Right-of-occupancy housing combines the best aspects of rental and owner-occupied housing in many ways. It is almost as flexible and easy as rental housing. But at the same time, it brings security and permanence to the residents in ways that resemble owner-occupied housing. Right-of-occupancy housing is suitable for different situations life: young and old people who live alone, families and senior citizens.

Benefits of right-of-occupancy housing

A safe investment

  • You pay only 10–15% of the price of the apartment (this can be as little as €10,000)
  • When you give up your apartment, you will be refunded the right-of-occupancy payment, adjusted by the building cost index
  • The right-of-occupancy contract is valid as collateral for a bank loan, and the interest on the loan is deductible
  • No need for a large bank loan, no long payment periods (compared with owner-occupied housing)
  • The right of residence is a right for life that cannot be terminated except on weighty grounds that are comparable to owner-occupied housing
  • No resale risk or risk of being trapped in two apartments (compared to owner-occupied housing), because as a right-of-occupancy resident you have a 3-month notice period, after which you will get your right-of-occupancy payment back
  • The right of residence may be passed on as inheritance
  • If your housing needs change, you can change apartments to find a more suitable one.
  • You do not have to worry about broken appliances, we will replace them for you 
  • No financial worries related to renovations, the costs of any property maintenance work and renovations will be distributed among the entire housing company

Affordable housing costs

  • The residence charge is often significantly cheaper than the current rent level, especially in the capital region 
  • Right-of-occupancy residents eligible for housing allowance from Kela

Opportunity to influence your housing

  • As a right-of-occupancy resident, you do not own your apartment, but you can influence the common affairs and decision-making of your house by participating in the resident activities
  • You can renovate your apartment to your liking by following our instructions