Benefits at different stages of life

For students

As a student, you appreciate carefree living and affordable living costs, and at the same time, you can also build up your own capital, for example, for your first owner-occupied dwelling. The right-of-occupancy payment is valid as collateral for a bank loan, the residence charge is lower than a typical rent, and you can get housing allowance from Kela. In addition, many of our homes are located in the vicinity of good services, connections, and educational institutions.

For single people

When you are single, your living costs are relatively higher compared to couples and families. A right-of-occupancy apartment is an affordable option that does not tie all your money to a high rent or large mortgage. You will have more for living. You can renovate the apartment to your liking and live like an owner. And when it’s time to move on, you can simply submit your notice and you will receive the right-of-occupancy payment, adjusted by the index, in three months. You decide what you pay for and how much you pay for it!

For families

As a family, you appreciate not only affordable housing costs, but also flexibility and security from housing. You can change the apartment from smaller to bigger or vice versa according to your needs without having to worry about resale or becoming trapped with two apartments – we will buy the apartment back! Sudden incidents do not affect your budget as we replace broken appliances with new ones and take care of the condition of your home in other respects, as well. Instead of a large mortgage, you can invest in your family’s well-being and hobbies, for example! We have many large family apartments in good, quiet areas across Finland!

For senior citizens

As a senior citizen  you deserve to enjoy life and hobbies that bring you joy. Our well-equipped, high-quality apartments are located in areas with excellent services. There are no wealth limits for people over 55, so there is nothing stopping you from selling your current owner-occupied property, transferring money to your bank account, and finally starting to realise your dreams. Many others have chosen to do this, so why don’t you check out our available apartments right away!