Rental apartments with short-term interest rate subsidy

The applicant’s income affects the rental apartments with short-term interest rate subsidy. See the income limits here.

Rental apartments with short-term interest rate subsidy

The aim of the short-term interest rate subsidy is to increase the production of affordable rental apartments that are offered to residents based on social criteria in areas with long-term demand for rental housing. The apartments are allocated to low and middle-income households that need rental housing. The resident selection is only based on the income of the household. The applicants are not required to justify their need for the apartment or give information on their wealth.

The housing application must include questions on at least the size and income of the household. Payment default entries in the credit record must not be an obstacle to  applying for an apartment. The company must notify the applicants if it intends to check their credit record. Default entries are not regarded as an obstacle to receiving an apartment, at least if they are insignificant or if the credit record shows that the defaults have not been recurrent. The causes, severity and frequency of the payment defaults are assessed case by case.

There is no need to prioritise applicants on the basis of their income level, only the upper income limit applies. The prerequisite for being selected as a resident is that the monthly income of a one-person household does not exceed EUR 3,540.

  • If the household consists of  more than one adult aged 18  or over, the income limit is increased by EUR 2,480 per adult.
  • If the household includes children under the age of 18 , the income threshold is increased by EUR 650 for the first child and EUR 600 for each subsequent child. The age is calculated at the end of the calendar year in which the application for residence is made.

Examples of income thresholds for short-term interest rate subsidies:

Number of persons in the householdIncome (gross) €/month
1 adult3,540
2 adults6,020
1 adult and child4,190
2 adults and child6,670
2 adults and 2 children7,270
2 adults and 3 children7,870