Kuvassa Avain Asuntojen vuokrakohde osoitteessa Vantaan Zirkonipolku 2. Kuva: Trustmary. // Avain Asunnot rental apartment building in Zirkonipolku 2, Vantaa. Photo by Trustmary.

Ownership base of Avain Yhtiöt expands

Avain Yhtiöt and Ahlström Capital’s subsidiary A. Ahlström Real Estate have agreed on an arrangement which states that A. Ahlström Real Estate Ltd becomes the part-owner of Avain Yhtiöt with a shareholding of ca. 25%. The rest of the ownership stays with the current shareholders.

Ahlström Capital is a family-owned company which focuses its investments on industrial businesses, real estate, and forest. A. Ahlström Real Estate manages Ahlström Capital’s real estate and forest holdings.

The CEO of A. Ahlström Real Estate Peter Ahlström comments: “As a long-term investor we see that apartments complement and diversifies our real estate portfolio, which at the moment comprises mainly of office properties and forest holdings. Avain Yhtiöt has during its ten-year history proven that the developed business model is capable of producing apartments cost-efficiently. We are happy to be a part of developing the company together in the future.”

Avain Yhtiöt is a Finnish group specializing in building and owning apartments, producing housing services, construction contracting, construction and renovations. Avain Yhtiöt owns more than 9000 apartments and more than 1000 apartments are under construction.

“Strengthening the balance sheet will enable us to continue implementing the production volume of new apartments in line with the strategy of Avain Yhtiöt and will particularly facilitate access to financing and land plot acquisitions”, says Perttu Liukku, the CEO of Avain Yhtiöt.

During the ownership arrangements industry councillor and Master of Science in Technology Pertti Huuskonen has been selected as the Chairman of the Board of Avain Yhtiöt. “I wish that I, as the Chairman of the Board, can help Avain Yhtiöt to grow and develop into an even stronger producer of apartments and housing services,” states Huuskonen. Huuskonen has a long and versatile experience working in different board of directors and as a financial opinion leader.

Contacts and additional information on the ownership base arrangement:

Perttu Liukku, CEO, Avain Yhtiöt Oy, tel. 050 661 69

Peter Ahlström, CEO, A. Ahlström Real Estate Ltd, tel. 050 518 3698

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