Subletting your apartment

Can I take a subtenant?

If subletting does not cause significant harm to Avain, you can sublet up to half of your home for residential use. This will not affect your lease relationship. In other words, you are responsible for the apartment, just like before. Remember to report the sublet to Avain.

Is it possible to rent out the apartment to a third party?

No, it is not. It is forbidden to rent out the apartment to another person. Also, renting out an apartment for a short term in order to earn some money (for example, via Airbnb or is not permitted.

Can I transfer the right to use the apartment to another person?

Yes, for a maximum of two years. However, you need permission from Avain. The reason must be valid, for example, working or studying in another location. Find out Avain’s opinion on the transfer in advance and submit a notification in writing, at least one month before the transfer.

Please note that handing over the apartment to another person does not release you from any of the obligations specified in the lease agreement. If the person to whom you have transferred the apartment temporarily causes damage, you are responsible for it.

Can I leave the apartment empty?

Yes, but it you must let the owner know and leave the safety lock open. In addition, the owner must have access to the apartment while it is empty, if necessary. You must also have an effective electricity contract for the apartment and home insurance with liability insurance, even if no one lives in the apartment. Food left in the refrigerator must not cause the refrigerator to become mouldy or cause moisture damage to the kitchen floor.